Thursday, December 31, 2015

Year In Review...and Hallmark

The eve of the New Year is upon us, and 2016 rolls in at midnight.  What the heck...I'm still trying to remember to write 2015 on paperwork.  True story, sometimes I really have to stop and think about what year it is.  This problem comes with having children.  I have a hard enough time remembering their birth dates with years, and you want me to remember what year it is now.  Calendars are hard...

You can't turn on TV today, or for the past week, without some type of year in review special running.  It's TV law - it's the same law that declares the Hallmark channel can't have any programming from November to New Year without it having a Christmas theme, and ABC Family must stretch a 90 minute movie into three hours because of commercials.  TV law.  Santa must save Christmas, and all news channels must have a year in review, otherwise TV viewing is worthless.  So, I am throwing in my own year in review.  It's like an end of year card, only more honest.

I'm not a New Year resolution person.  I resolve to do new things, or better myself, on a weekly basis all year long. I resolve to read more....I didn't read enough this year.  I resolve to read with my kids more (for crying out loud we will read for a whole month of Book-It if it kills me) - didn't do that well this year either. No Pizza Hut coupon for this family.  I resolved to wash the windows this year - I finally knocked that off my list in early December during one of our warm weather streaks.  For Christmas, we can see outside.  You're welcome kids!  I resolved to exercise more - Yep, I walked quite a bit, but let's not discuss the well intended elliptical that's sitting in my basement.  Torture machine, that's what that is.  I resolved to be more patient with my kids - I think I resolved that in a morning, and by afternoon everyone was in a time-out, including me.  I resolved to date my husband more - um, well...we sat by each other at my work Christmas party - does that count?  We dressed nice, and I think he put his arm around me.

Here's the thing - I am always thinking through ways to improve myself, improve my family, make us healthier, happier, more others oriented, more Jesus oriented, more kind with our words, more neat and organized with our home...oh, resolving for me happens all the live-long day.  I'm a resolve-a-holic.  "Hi, I'm Kristen and I resolve to do better ever day....Hi Kristen, we love you!"  "Look at Kristen all resolving and stuff, she's so cute and well intended."

I did resolve to get healthier this year.  Not at the start of 2015, but somewhere around Easter.  One too many Reese's eggs and I knew I could live better than I was.  I am pleased to report that I have taken better control of my health.  Except this Christmas...I'll just be honest.  We've been in survival mode this month, or so it feels.  Busy schedules, parties to attend, parties to host, kids that have been sick, I've been sick, and so on.  I know some do really well under this pressure and choose healthy eating despite the temptation.  Well, good for you...really, good for you....seriously, I'm just so stinkin' happy for you.  I am still learning and fumbling my way to good health.  I have taken off almost 35lbs this past year.  I am focusing on what I have accomplished, and I am determined to keep it all in perspective.  I have a better understanding of what my body likes and doesn't.  I have learned to listen to it.  This December, though, my body is begging for January to get here so I'll stop picking at Christmas cookies.  I do resolve to continue on my quest for good health this 2016...but I'll also resolve to talk patiently to my kids more, read more, walk more, clean my house more, take time out for my husband more and for Jesus more, and all those things.  I resolve to keep perspective of all my good intentions.  Or, I at least resolve to recognize that I'm a resolve-a-holic that can't do it all.

Welcome 2016.  I resolve to sleep through the ball dropping at midnight.  I don't have the energy to ring you in properly.


Peggy said...

I love this post! I didn't know you had a blog... where do you find the time? ... Then again, I haven't checked to see how many you've actually posted in a year's time. Please don't go to mine... really... it's not inspiring at all. Funny, maybe...or maybe not. I cheat a lot... sad, coming from a Christian woman, huh? Praying for your little one to get better VERY QUICKLY! Love from all of us in upstate NY. (further north than David's mom.)

Kristen said...

Peggy - I just saw your comment. It shows you how much I keep up with my blog. I go in spurts with posts. Keep checking back! Good to hear from you. :)